Renay San Miguel at Splash Media interviewed Kent Huffman on Social Media TV about 8 Mandates when his book was first published in 2012. They also discussed Social Media Marketing Magazine. This is one of many interviews that Kent has participated in over the past few years.

Book Reviews

Here's what they're saying about 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success:

"Kent Huffman’s book should serve as a roadmap for any entrepreneur to derive the full benefit out of social media. Each mandate succinctly highlights the power of social media marketing and how it can lead to entrepreneurial success."
Kurt Rathmann
Serial Entrepreneur, Small Business Advisor, and Technology Futurist

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success will help every marketer understand that 'catching fish' on social media isn't just about being in the right place. It's also about having the right tools and techniques. The 154 innovative marketing practitioners, authors, and professors featured in this book provide useful tips and techniques for 'reeling in' success for each mandate."
Dr. William J. Ward
Social Media Professor at Syracuse University

"Kent Huffman might have '8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success,' but if there were only one, it would be 'buy this book and read it!'"
Jeffrey Hayzlett
Best-Selling Author and Global Business Celebrity

"Kent is a leader with respect to guiding the C-suite in the social marketing space. He is a magnet for all of us who have banded together, taking a leadership role and stepping up to change the way marketers and brands build relationships and emotional connections with consumers. I consider his book a must read for all business leaders."
Ted Rubin
Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success succeeds in bringing together an impressive array of practical advice from top marketers who have tapped into the power of 'social' to find and connect with customers. In a highly-readable style, Kent gives a sound framework for social media marketing success. You'll discover why and how your business needs to be 'social.'"
Glen Gilmore
Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer

"In a book that prizes listening above all else, Kent Huffman makes sure to take his own advice by letting others do the talking for him. This book is absolutely filled with countless bits of practical advice, poignant anecdotes, and real-life success stories. By keeping the information simple and accessible, Kent provides a brilliant model for aspiring B2B marketers trying to figure out how to put theory into practice."
Cheryl Burgess
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Focus Marketing

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success is a truly social book. Kent Huffman reached out to the people in his famous lists of top marketers on Twitter for their thoughts and stories to define the eight key factors of SMM success. This novel approach was probably natural for the co-founder of Social Media Marketing Magazine and mentor to marketing people on Twitter. It proves to be a very effective way to get these ideas across and motivate action. How appropriate that Kent wrote the first 'social' SMM book! 8 Mandates belongs in the hands or on the iPad or Kindle of anyone involved in marketing."
Dr. Gary Schirr
Marketing Professor at Radford University

"Kent Huffman's book should be taking up permanent residence on the desks of everyone working in social media marketing, as well as business owners looking to close the gap between their brands and their customers. The easy-to-digest format—compelling commentary from top names in marketing and academia, along with success stories from companies large and small—makes 8 Mandates a handy guide for navigating the social media marketing waters."
Renay San Miguel
Chief Content Officer at Splash Media and former anchor/reporter at CNN, HLN, and CNBC

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success condenses the thoughts and credence of leading practitioners in social media and, in turn, provides an undiluted guide to essential best practices of effective social media. Building community is one such practice that is built upon time and trust. This book demonstrates how, with clever curation and through the power of engagement, you can commence your journey into building a trusted core community of fans and followers."
Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton
Co-author of Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses

"Concise and backed by real-life expertise! Kent's ideas, covered in this book, will inspire you to re-examine your social media marketing perceptions and initiatives. His eight mandates framework provides a complete social media marketing business picture, with key insights and examples provided by practitioners that are suitable for both small and large organizations."
Alan See
Chief Marketing Officer at MindLeaders

"I count Kent Huffman as a colleague, a client, a friend, and now an amazing author for whom my respect has further swelled. Kent's book is meaty and goes down easy with golden bullets of social media genius ready for you to discover."
Eve Mayer Orsburn
Founder & CEO of Social Media Delivered and author of The Social Media Business Equation: Using Online Connections to Grow Your Bottom Line

"Numerous renowned practitioners, authors, and teachers of marketing, branding, and design from around the world have contributed their insights to 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success. I have no doubt this book will be a huge success!"
Beto Lima
Marketing Professor at Faculdades Integradas Helio Alonso

"Kent has both connections and insights into the world of the CMO like no other. I highly recommend this book if you are looking to raise your game, know what your peers are doing, or simply want to know what it means to be a CMO in the post-digital world where everyone and everything is connected."
Giovanni Rodriquez
Co-founder & CEO of SocialxDesign

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success takes ethereal propositions like 'listening' and places these into a practitioner's context, with a problem-solution-results format that will be familiar to any marketer. In combining case studies with the viewpoints of some of the most recognized thinkers in social media, Kent and Company have left us all with a practical desk-side reference—no small feat in a digital age."
Frank Strong
Director of Public Relations at Vocus | PRWeb

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success is a revolutionary collection of case studies and social media success stories from every sector of business, both B2B and B2C. It is rare to find such a comprehensive assemblage of social media marketing guidance from such knowledgeable and diverse sources. Kent has excelled in providing an all-inclusive guide for today's leaders and marketers in any industry."
Amy Howell
Founder & CEO of Howell Marketing Strategies

"Kent Huffman found a void in the market and filled it masterfully. A careful curator of content, Kent documents best practices in social media marketing and captures actionable insights from some of the sharpest minds in social media. His book provides inspiration and plenty of customizable blueprints. Read it and tweet!"
Teri Lucie Thompson
Chief Marketing Officer at Purdue University and author of Tuning into Mom: Understanding America's Most Powerful Consumer

"A truly unique take on social media mastery. This book is full of gems from some of the best minds in the field!"
Mark Schaefer
Author of Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing

"This book is a must-read for any organization preparing to put a toe in the social media waters. I particularly appreciate Kent's chapter on listening. Far too many organizations dive into the deep end without first tuning into the conversations taking place online, and you can find their abandoned social outposts littered across the Internet. I'd also emphasize the chapter on leadership. Being successful with social media requires leaders to take thoughtful risks . . . it requires character and courage, and Kent is someone who leads by example."
Sima Dahl
President of Parlay Communications

"I used to judge the Echo Awards for the Direct Marketing Association, and I learned so much reading the case studies and results. So imagine my delight when I opened Kent Huffman's book and discovered that more than 150 social media pros have contributed their 'takes' and success stories in a great, concise format: organization, challenge, solutions, results. Whatever your program, you'll pick up some great ideas here. I did!"
Lois K. Geller
President of Lois Geller Marketing Group

"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success is a groundbreaking book. Kent Huffman has built a strong framework for social media marketing and backs it up with real world case studies and validation from more than 150 CMOs and marketing practitioners."
Chris Herbert
Chief Marketing Officer at Mi6 and co-founder of Silicon Halton

"The expansion of the Internet has irrevocably changed the way marketers reach out to customers and consumers, now and in the future. This radical transformation of the marketing landscape, replete with mega opportunities and pitfalls galore, is the subject of Kent Huffman's brilliant new book, 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success. The book combines leading-edge insights from those who've 'been there and done that'—including marketing pros, professors, and authors—with pertinent case studies and examples of successful social marketing campaigns that met their goals and objectives through innovation, inspiration, and a bottom-line, biz-focused approach. Lots to learn, highly recommended!"
Deborah Weinstein
President of Strategic Objectives

"The challenges and opportunities for businesses in this digital age are enormous. Today's B2B marketer must understand how to leverage social media marketing to drive revenue and ROI. Kent Huffman's book provides successful strategies that define the 'what' and 'how.' This is a must-read for any brand looking to build a successful social marketing campaign without hitting any stumbling blocks along the way."
Mark Burgess
Co-founder of Blue Focus Marketing and Visiting Marketing Professor at Rider University

"Imagine a high-energy dinner party with smart friends freely sharing lessons learned from years of practice, research, and reflection. A party where the host purposefully builds the guest list and guides the conversation. That's 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success. With this book, Kent Huffman curates insight on social media marketing from leading CMOs, authors, and professors. The no-nonsense introductions ground us in the context of social media as a marketing discipline, and the case studies bring the wisdom to life. The book's elegant organizational construct makes it fast and engaging. 8 Mandates is a delight."
Margaret Molloy
Partner & Chief Marketing Officer at Velocidi

"Kent has created a masterful resource for social media marketing. He has done the nearly impossible—distilling social media guidance into it's most essential mandates. Unlike most books on this subject, Kent's eight mandates will remain relevant regardless of what new social media platforms may be created in the future."
Alicia Arenas
Founder & CEO of Sanera Professional Development Company

"In 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success, Kent Huffman expertly illustrates the joy, wonder, opportunities, and challenges of the social media platform. This book is a practical and informative must-read for businesses and their leaders engaged in reputation building using the social media channel."
Lida Citroen
Principal of LIDA360 and author of Reputation 360: Creating Power through Personal Branding

"Not only do the eight mandates make a lot of sense, they're all supported by commentary from countless experts from around the world. The insights presented in 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success are bolstered by short, tight case studies from a wide range of organizations. The book is a quick read with a focus on how businesses achieved results."
Chuck Martin
Author of The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Global

"Social media has forever altered the way brands communicate with their stakeholders. For your brand to stand out, grow, and succeed in this ever-changing social world, you need an objective social media marketing strategy and tools that transform approaches and ideas into actions and results. What's most enriching about this book is that you'll find not only Kent's strategies and tools but insights from marketing pros from around the world and case studies from a variety of leading B2C and B2B companies. 8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success should be on the bookcase of every marketing executive."
Berenice Ring
Marketing Professor at Fundacao Getulio Vargas